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Is this you?

  • In a job search and don't know where to begin?
  • Has your job search gone longer than 60-days?
  • Are you selling yourself short just to get a job?
  • Don't know how to negotiate the compensation you deserve?
  • Getting stuck at a certain stage of the process and don't know why?

What our happy participants are saying...

"I was changing jobs for the first time in almost 20 years. I hadn’t had a need for a resume or networking, so needless to say, I didn’t know where to begin. Jill helped me do my profile for Linked In, develop my resume and get comfortable with networking. She greatly reduced my anxiety and instilled confidence to make this change. Having Jill coach me through my transition was so worth the investment!" ~Cynthia, Marketing Executive

“In my job search, I was getting interviews but not getting the job. After Jill's counsel, I got the next job I went for. I’m a believer.” ~Fixed Income Investment Manager


The Job Search Boot Camp contains everything you need to speed up your job search, reduce frustration, land the job you want and get paid what you deserve!

This self-paced virtual workshop will catapult your efforts significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to find a job. It's packed with so much content and resources that it will not only build all the skills you need to land your next role but any move you make in the future!



Develop an organized, comprehensive plan to accomplish the most effective and efficient job search with actionable steps to keep you organized and moving.



Create a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters and hiring managers. Learn how to use LinkedIn as a networking, research and branding tool. This is by far, the best addition to the job search...that is...if you know how to use it.


You get one shot at interviewing so you better have the expert preparation needed to ace it! Smoothly answer every question such as “Why did you leave your last job?” and "Why should we hire you?".



Let's be honest. The job search can be an emotional roller coaster. Learn the tricks to manage your emotions while not letting them get in the way of landing a job.

Pen and paper


Get noticed fast with a powerful resume! Learn how to craft your story to separate you from the competition from a master resume expert.


Get the compensation you deserve. These skills will help you attain the compensation package that will make you super excited to start your job!

Hear more from particpants of Bridgepath Career Advisor's Job Search Boot Camp:

"I needed to find a new role after dealing with a really bad boss. She had stripped me of my confidence and I just wanted out. Through Jill's program, my confidence was restored and I landed a promotional role. I was ready to settle for anything just to get out. I'm so glad I went through the Job Search Boot Camp because my career is moving forward, not backward." ~David, Technology Executive

“After many months in a job search, I was feeling hopeless and ready to take anything I could find. What I found was Jill's Job Search Boot Camp which helped me land the job and compensation I deserved. I wish I had found this program sooner. It would have saved me a lot of time and money.” ~Nancy, Event Management Executive

"I moved to a new state and didn't have a network to use for my job search. Jill's Job Search Boot Camp taught me valuable networking skills so I could expand my network even though I didn't know anyone locally. I was able to land the job I wanted through my networking efforts based on Jill's method." ~Daniella, Higher Education Administration

This program will have you in your job within 90-days for only $497. The faster you get employed, the faster you will make money. Invest a little now and get it back and then some.


I will throw in 3 of my job search resource guides for FREE!!

  • "The Executive's Networking Secrets" $47 Value
  • "Resume Writing for Career Transitions" $97 Value
  • "The Executive Interviewee Preparation Guide" $97 Value

These contain all the secrets to an expert job search.

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This virtual workshop will have you in your dream job in 90-days or less...guaranteed

Jill Huggett is the founder of Bridepath Career Advisors, LLC where she coaches mid- to C-Level executives to a successful career transition. She is also a career coach at Harvard Business School and a Forbes Coaches Council Member and Contributor. 

A Word From The Host

“I've spent years perfecting the job search through coaching and by navigating my own 20+ year career. I'll take the guess work out of it for you.”

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE I'm so confident that my method will speed up your job search that I'm guaranteeing it. 100%. If you don't have a new job within 90 days of using my method, I will refund 100% of your money.