Did you know that 75% of jobs are gotten through networking?

You can't afford not to know how to network!

If you want a successful career in the new millennium, you need to know how to network. 

My method has proven to be 

the most EFFICIENT


the most EFFECTIVE

Get the results you need!

This is the same advice and guidance given to top executives around the globe through Bridgepath Career Advisors and Harvard Business School!

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  • How to get to the guy that counts-- and nail THAT meeting.
  • What one thing you should NEVER do when you're networking.

Who is Bridgepath Career Advisors?

Founded by Jill Huggett, Bridepath Career Advisors, LLC is a full service career management firm guiding professionals through every stage of their career. Jill is also a Harvard Business School Career Coach. Her team of coaches and resume writers bring additional expertise and are devoted to client success.